Ten Golden Rules

Work wonders- on the exterior-make the first impression of the property count both in real life and in the images.  We use classic car props at the front of the house for photos and possibly-something more permanent dependent on the circumstances. We may paint the front and place tables, chairs, plants or art sculptures. 


Simple Life Style Design- We are selling a life style not a house, a home not a property, making it a dream and hugely desirable is the focus, this is obviously unique to each situation and property we take on. We don’t take on properties that don’t have an essence of lifestyle.



White is White- Using the right white is essential, white makes you feel beachy, clean, fresh and gives the inner impression of a blank canvas while selling a life style at the same time, the use of it is subtle but effective when done right.


Angles and Images- We will find them, the right angles, the best profile picture for the property, its best side. We always use professional photographs and enhanced images. We use these in unique ways by taking key photo’s to also display in the house, like the classic car in black and white outside the door reminds the buyer how they could live a dream lifestyle in the property.



Less is More- clutter doesn’t sell, we find a place to remove it to and solve all the problems associated with a de-clutter. A strategically placed mirror can be all that is required after everything else is removed. The style must fit the property and its prospective buyers, we are not putting a classic car picture in a penthouse apartment as much as we are not putting high value art in a two-bed semi. Our dressing is fit for purpose, fit for style.


Blue Sky- It sounds simple, but the use of Blue Sky can sell a property if its lacking in features of its own.



Art- nothing new here, the use of art in any context makes sense, we are not going to place ultra-modern art inside a home that doesn’t compliment it but we do look for contrasts, dependent upon our research of the buyers and the property itself we will place the right things in the right places to make a feature and talking pointand something to make your Pre Agent styled home stand out.


The Journey- We always seek to create a journey either visually or manually, people buy history, activity, images and style. It could be a false door that’s just for fun or an amazing hot pot in the local pub. Whatever helps we will find it and make sure it used to sell your property.



Go Beyond- thinking outside of the box is our speciality, we have our secret sauce which is the unwritten number 10 on this list, but apart from that we can show you here in the images of properties we have already created and the collaborations we have forged with amazing ‘beyond normal” design, imagery and props to tantalise your viewer into a buyer. If you want to go beyond and sell a style then you need a team that can pull that off, we don’t use rented furniture, everything placed in your home will be for sale in a booklet, we are not hiding that it has been dressed, that in itself is a feature,  we turn up prior to a viewing if required to check all is well, we open doors turn on lights and turn the oil sticks in the fragrance bottles. We give you an attention to detail that goes beyond, we are service focused business providing a focused service.


Secret Sauce………………………………………………………………………



Prudence Ratcliffe



LifeStyle Designer

Market Square Warwick

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