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The Blueprints

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Every property starts with a blueprint, we consider ourselves the architects of your dressed home, getting it ready for sale. So we literally start with a BluePrint of your design, a way to sell a lifestyle inside your home. This will include the history, the location, the neighbours, the way the sun comes into a certain room at a certain time, a great local dish at your local pub and so on.

Leaving nothing out is the ethos of a BluePrint and that is what we will do for your home when considering a plan to ensure we achieve a sale at the best price with the least fuss in partnership with your chosen estate agent.

Drawing to a Conclusion

Everything we do is for the sole purpose to assist in the sale of your property, no other reason, the conclusion you want is a sale, our `BluePrint is agreed and approved by you before we start. If there is anything you feel is unworkable or uneccesaary we will take it to without hesitation,

Stun Your Veiwers

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

If you get stunned viewers of your property they will talk about it, this is already a winning factor, free adverting with ever viewer telling their friends and family the experience they had viewing your home. The smallest thing can make all the difference. We put everything into our Blueprint design.

Get Ahead and Hire a Pre Agent

To see what a Pre Agent can do for you just fill-in the form on the contact page at and we will be in touch.

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