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The Evolution of Design

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Modern is a word used to describe something new, but Modern it self has been around since Gplan in the 70's and even before. It changes with the times. Design has evolved and it works as a way to help sell your home.

A Pre Agent gets hired before you engage a selling agent and then both the Pre Agent and the selling agent work hand in hand. Of course it can work the other way around as we work with many agents who recommend us to clients that are in need of our services, some use it to enhance a home, others to completely change it ready for the market at large. .

“Did you ever see an Ikea layout and think it looks so good you want it all, just like that, this is because they know what works with what and, what people want in a modern fresh design, obviously Ikea is one end of the market but a great example of selling by design.”

We sell by design, use it to benefit you the seller and give ideas and a feeling to the viewer that converts them into buyers.

If you have a design that you like or have ideas that may contribute to the new market place of pre dressing homes for sale then follow us on Instagram @preagent or email us here or hit our contact form on this site. We would love to hear from you.


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